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The New Human

The New Human

  • Maya is here to help experiencers who carry a secret.  A secret fear.  A secret voice that is part of their lives.  Secret encounters with those off planet and are not only afraid to tell anyone, but afraid it is not real or who only have vague images of experiences.  For many exceptional children and adults living with a complex inner life as experiencers do, they feel anxiety, depression and isolation. Through guidance, trance work, channeling and psychotherapy I will help you unravel the mystery of your experience, of your identity and assist you in weaving the story you were born to live and acknowledge first to yourself and then to so many just like you.  Moving from fear to acknowledgement, creating understanding and acceptance that what you have experienced is real, is both life changing and liberating.


The New Human

The New Human

The New Human

  • Maya helps increase deep awareness and develop new skills with those who live in the multi-verse. Our world has been flooded with new humans.  Children and adolescents who are wired with greater sensitivity, knowledge and awareness than most adults.  These children are able to see, hear and understand what most people do not.  Our educational system is not home for these amazing children and a deep awareness on the part of adults, parents and teachers is essential for our New Human children to thrive. Through a series of classes for parents, Maya will help them to ask the right questions, create the right environment at home and in the classroom and create a cosmic blueprint for raising a child who is exceptional and lives enter-dimensionally.



The New Human


  • Part of Maya's work is to help you define and articulate your unique story as an experiencer.  Whether it is taking a private journal of your life and turning it into a book or a series of articles, blog posts or videos, you were born with a story to tell.  Story changes you and your story changes the world.  As a professional writing coach and teacher I will help you create a book, screenplay, podcast or post that allows you to share your authentic life as an experiencer. "Humans possess the ability to connect, communicate, and co-create with extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings through the vast field of consciousness. This ability to access the field of consciousness is an untapped resource for humanity’s ventures into space." Rebecca Hardcastle Wright


Work with Maya

If you would like a consultation, reading from the Observers, or a Tarot/Psychic reading with Maya please write Maya through the Contact Page. All fees are either donation or sliding scale through PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Mary Rodwell, The New Human

There is no one more accomplished in the areas of non-ordinary reality, the New Human and our roots off Planet, than Mary Rodwell.  Have a cup of tea and see what she reveals after over 30 years of research and experience. 

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Alexis Brooks is the maven of conscious radio.  Her interviews will open your mind and heart.  Listen to this one episode on living as a multidimensional being.  She is amazing. 

Dr. John Mack: Cosmic Pioneer

Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Dr. John Mack broke the barrier as he became one of the first to authenticate abduction stories.  He risked his career and his life to stand by his findings.  Listen to the groundbreaking interview that Oprah conducted with Dr. John Mack.  


There is no one who can explain the concept of Exoconsciousness, which is now a movement, better than Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright