About Maya

Helping you Open the Door


  • I am a hybrid.  What that means is that I possess both human and ET DNA.  What that also means is that I  possess human and non-human memory and have for my lifetime.  From the age of five I have been accompanied by inter-dimensional beings who have helped me navigate my reason for being on planet Earth:  To activate the heart. I have a mission to assist in opening the door for those who want to explore their otherworldly experiences, their inexplicable dreams and their contact with beings from other worlds. But more importantly to midwife peoples experiences and perceptions from fear to love.  I was assigned a life of exploration to experience not only the human condition but learn to integrate my off planet experiences into 3D life.  As a result I went to Harvard, I practiced as a psychotherapist for thirty years and committed to helping people come to terms with who they truly are and to tell their stories.  I am a healer, a therapist and a professional writer. I am a channel for five inter-dimensional beings.  I believe it is time to fully embrace and joyfully express our extraordinary and multidimensional selves.  The world needs us.  Now more than ever.

"There is a compelling and powerful phenomenon that I can’t account for in any other way, that’s mysterious. I can’t know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry.”   John Mack, Harvard University, Passport to the Cosmos. 

Messages of Truth


  • Our planet is embedded with messages from the stars.  In the art of ages, in  crop circles, in writings, music, mathematics and in our imaginations.  When you remove the fear that blocks your ability to not only receive all the information you desire, but answer any question that you might have, then you will be able to tap into universal wisdom and apply it to your life.  Through learning or advancing in channeled writing, art and singing you can decipher the messages of truth for yourself and learn to trust the voices that guide you and your innate intuition.  As your guide and coach Maya will give you tools to both decipher and utilize the messages and experiences you gain from non-ordinary reality. 

Education and Experience


  • Maya has been practicing as a psychotherapist, life coach, teacher and workshop facilitator for 30 years. She has been a professional writing coach for the past 15 years.  Maya did her masters and doctoral work at Harvard Graduate School of Education and has been recording all her experiences as a hybrid for over forty years.  Her book will be released in 2020.  Maya will give a free consultation via phone or Skype to hear about the work you would like to do and to answer your questions. She has a limited and select practice.  She does her work primarily via Skype and phone.  Maya is available for speaking engagements and workshops on the topics of Living the Multidimensional life, They are in All of Us, Integrating your Life Experiences and Parenting our New Children, as well as Writing your Story.

Making and Appointment with Maya

"Embrace all of who you are and what you know. Your are unique, special and have a purpose."